MoonBase Galaxy

I have sister station other than Corolla Radio that is called MoonBase Galaxy. The dream is to spearhead East Coast United States FM Radio Station Kill Devil, Hills, North Carolina with New York City. MoonBase Galaxy. I have current songs from podcast radio show from Corolla Radio playing on MoonBase Galaxy. I hope to hire lot’s of working staff and music DJ’s. My current dream wish.

Twitter Friend

I am have been friends with Captain’s daughter of the love boat episodes of @beforeideas Jill W. Every now and then we send back fourth twitter tweets. My main twitter account @RobertBlockus the whole twitter industry is from @beforeideas During Chickfila Palm Harbor, Florida work times period between 1997 to 2007. Talking out ideas with co workers.

Thursday at the cabin

I have been approved for Corolla Radio to be on I tunes. Couple of hours from now it will be able to search for Corolla Radio podcast shows. We are also featured on Spotify and I heart Radio Platforms. No storm strikes at the cabin area of Garner, North Carolina form the past weekend Tropical Weather.

Been enjoying bbc 5live drive show weekday’s and taking afternoon naps with Kapa Radio Hawaii Islands Music.

Hawaii Islands Music

I very much enjoy and have done @beforeideas for 

Hawaii Islands music FM station from the Big Island of Hawaii. Before i did whole before music songs of Hawaii for the radio station. Sometimes I take afternoon naps with Lava Lamp on next to bed with Kapa Radio playing in the background. I have old smart phone and have home wifi at the cabin. I keep Kapa Radio playing in the background all the time at the cabin. Wave Rider and the one they call Hawaii. Two songs of the @Beforeideas. Have been fan of the radio station for about three, four years now playing non stop. I enjoy all the music DJ’s on the Kapa Radio. I named the station after Cops Police.

Sunday Mornings

Each Sunday Mornings I like to relax and tune to Casey Kasem American Top 40 on 96.5 Bob FM and sometimes on Sirius XM 70’s on 7. I am a very big fan of the classics american top 40. True American on Sunday Mornings.

Both stations sirius xm and 96.5 Bob FM from @beforeideas. I still use the free trials to sirius xm month to month. Don’t have extra budget for account yet. And I have Sirius xm in my auto SUV Nissan 2008 but it’s not activated. For the free accounts on Sirius XM I create email on and use Hawaii bob and number with Oh dear..

I think Casey Kasem is a great man with the best sounding voice…

bob blockus, profile

King Bob. Known as Bob The Hot Tub Man. Known the world over and in the United States for doing @beforeideas in Music, Music Videos, Movies, Radio, Television, Computers, and Corporations since year 1968. Most of the @beforeideas came from Chickfila Palm Harbor, Florida work time period talking out creative ideas with co workers from 1997 to 2007. The lover of Lava Lamps, Crab Cakes, Hot Tubs and Bigfoot’s. Finding  Bigfoot Animal Planet is the most best likes.  Currently living in Cabin in Garner, North Carolina. Rental Place. Wishing Someday soon to have first home or estate home ownership. Currently age 54 years old birthday December 13, 1963. Life is like a RockStar..